We’ve added some new treats to the Synergy Massage repertoire just in time for that well-known day when we like to give a little extra love – to others and ourselves!  Introducing…(drumroll, please)…COUPLES MASSAGE and TANDEM MASSAGE!  Along with Debra Rocha, LMT and Chad Ravert, LMT, I will now be offering these two very special options to receive bodywork on a limited weekly basis – just on Saturdays and some Sundays.

Couples Massage is available upon request for a special shared experience with a loved one. Schedule a massage together with your sweetie or a friend and you’ll get to be together in the same room experiencing body and mind relaxation concurrently! This is an excellent way to accompany somebody who is new to massage therapy, or a fun way to surprise somebody on their birthday!

If you have never received a multi-hands massage, it is an experience you may not want to miss!  This is a lovely technique in which two massage therapists work together at the same time on one client. With Tandem Massage, we can coordinate our work so that we apply similar styles side by side, or we can split it so one therapist is applying energy work or CranioSacral Therapy while the other is doing more vigorous massage. Another choice is for us both to practice CranioSacral Therapy or energy work at the same time for a more profound, yet subtle experience.