My massage practice continues during these times but with some changes relevant to keeping everyone clear of exposure to the virus we hope to avoid contracting.  I have been offering massages outdoors for the summer (as well as indoors) but this will come to an end with the current smokey conditions and then the onset of cooler autumn weather.  Even if we are free of the Corona Virus next summer I hope to offer outdoor massages again since it is such a pleasant, relaxing experience to be outside on a nice day. 

For now, as I focus on creating a safe environment in my massage studio, I have a few additions to my normal protocol for you to be aware of.  If you do not have a clean (unused) mask with you when you arrive I have freshly laundered, reusable masks for you to wear during your massage session.  I use a special face cradle as well to create a contained space for you to breath into.  In addition, I run a hepa-filter before, during and after your session and schedule clients hours apart to allow more time for airing out and cleaning.  Before your session I offer a sanitizer for your hands, take your temperature and blood oxygen level as well as ask you to fill out a short form indicating that you have not been exposed to anyone with Covid-19 (to your best knowledge). 

On the flip side, if you prefer not to wear a mask during your massage session or in general don’t believe in taking precautions around this virus it will be best to wait until the danger of contracting Covid-19 has passed.  Thank you for reading this, I look forward to helping you relax and feel good in your body if you choose to make an appointment!