Sorely Needed

“Jenya’s massage therapy/bodywork services were sorely needed. I loved Jenya’s nurturing yet practical approach to massage. It is quite clear she cares about her clients’ well-being and works to make your experience a great one. She not only gave an excellent massage but some really useful information about methods of body pain alleviation, which I have used since my visit. Jenya, a kind and gracious person, knows what she’s doing in massage therapy and it shows.”

-Leslie F.-

Professional & Communicative

“I have been visiting Synergy Massage for the past 4 years.  In about 2008 I started to go twice a month to see her.  She is one of the best massage therapists I have ever been to.  She is professional, her music is great and she knows how to work through the kinks and stress points that I suffer from.  I started seeing her regularly because it was helping my mental health to take an hour or so to relax. It is easy to schedule my next appointment with her either over the phone or via email.  She is a great communicator and a fantastic person. Jenya is one of the best and I highly recommend her.”

-Adam W.-

Chronic Tension Relief

“I’ve only had a few professional massages in my life prior to coming to Jenya at Synergy Massage. These certainly provided me with a good amount of relief from the chronic tension I experience in my neck and back. But, I felt they did little as far as identifying the source of the tension. I never really walked away with a sense of where my pain was originating. This is where the massage at Synergy was different. Jenya was quickly able to zero in on the areas of my neck and back causing the tension. Much to my surprise, these areas were located up and down my back, far away from the spots where I actually feel the tension and pain. For the first time, after years of getting no results from chiropractic and physical therapy options, I felt that I had the knowledge to really address and reduce the chronic tension I experience. After the massage was over, the relief was intense. I immediately started thinking about scheduling my next session.

From the brief intake to the end of the massage, Jenya expressed her approachable and knowledgeable personality. Being the curious sort that I am, I had many questions about why she was doing this or that during the massage. Jenya was more than ready to provide thoughtful answers for each question. She also offered lifestyle and posture tips that she thought might be useful toward helping ease my tension over the long term. Adding to the whole experience were great choices in music and a wonderful office environment. I highly recommend visiting Jenya at Synergy Massage. Be warned though, if you end up as relaxed as I was afterwards, you may not want to go back to work. Schedule wisely! 🙂 “

-Dave R.-

Relaxes Muscles

“Jenya is a wonderful massage therapist — she always listens to my needs, physical (and emotional) and is a very caring, loving person. Her hands find all the tight spots and have just the right touch to make my muscles relax. Her studio is light and airy and the music relaxing. I highly recommend Jenya!”

-Ruthy K.-

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